Blowup 1966

Directed by Michelangelo Antonioni and based on a short story by the great genius of Julio Cortázar, tells the story of a fashion photographer living in the London´s swinging 60´s that is unaware of having photographed a murder until after developing the negatives. All the events that come after that mark a story with a touch of surrealism all over the movie.
For me one of those Must See movies, recomended to watch more than just once as there is always a little more to discover.

We all love self portaiture (2)

Aino Kannisto is a finnish photographer.
I got to know her work last year while I was making a uni project that involved portraiture in what I called natural spontaneous situations.
However, when I see her images I find them really intriguing. As if there contain certain tension that is about to be released, almost as if you only sneaked into a fraction of someone´s life without any knowledge of what is going to happen.
Her style is very cinematographic and the amount of time that she must have spent thinking on each shoot is perceptible.
I´m pretty sure this woman must take a lot of inspiration from literature....

"Control" photos by Hedi Slimane

Fan of Joy Divison? Love Black and White photography?
If you haven´s seen it, it´s a shame! If you do have seen it, well, see it again!!
Directed by Anton Corbijn in 2007 narrates the life of Ian Curtis from the very inside (Debbie Curtis collaborated with the script), and with an amazing care of photography for me it has been one of the best films I´ve seen in years.
Well, it was surprising to find that Hedi Slimane had done portraits of the movie. Intense!!

Steven Maisel homenage to Kohei Yoshiyuki

Remember a previous post showing Kohei Yoshiyuki´s photos he had done in Tokyo parks in the night during the 70´s? They where voyeur photos of couples and gatherers shot in infrared black and white film... if you my dear reader haven´t seen it, please do click on the link and pay a visit.

Well, I just found these photos by Steven Meisel of a fashion shoot for Vogue Italy in 2008. Funny enough, the images where thought too strong for the audience and where not published. However V Magazine in the US then took the editorial and used it for them.

The influence of Yoshiyuki´s photos in the 70´s is very obvious, but is not one of those that disturb me. Actually I like the idea of having simulated the infrared colour film.
The result is a bit bizarre though.....

Hot Stuff by Henrik Adamsen

I´m going to have to admit that I like that kind of work where the line between fashion and pornography is really thin.
Or maybe I should just say that I like good aesthetical pornography?
In any case, here´s part of the kinky work of Henrik Adamsen as a campaign for Forrest and Bob underwear.
Love the video as well!!

Rolls Royce Analytic Project by Hedi Slimane

I was surprised to find these photos. Slimane normally only photographs people, and to be more accurate, slim pretty boys and celebrities.
I really like his photos, actually he´s one of those photographers who can transmit beauty out of a normal male body, which I think is a difficult task
His images follow the same superb and elegant black and white style. And here, he has used that style to make a Rolls Royce Study.
Elegant as the same car....

Not really stunning photos

But hey! It´s January Jones and I cannot think any better excuse to post them!
Terry Richardon for GQ Magazine. I don´t know when was it published, but it´s very recent.