that I´m going to Spain tomorrow... Well, it the snow let´s me and the airplane to fly, I decided to post a Spanish photographer.
I´m surprised that not many people in England know Eugenio Recuenco´s work, as he is (for me) one of the best commercial photographers at the moment.
He has a degree in Fine Arts and when working as a taxi driver in Madrid he started to make photography as for him is was an easy way to make money.... also because he admits he is not a good painter.
His style varies a lot, he loves to play with storytelling and to grab many many references from cinema. I really really like this way of working, the cinematographer way.
The digital manipulation is obvious throughout his work, to the point some of his photos seem more a painting than a photograph. However this doesn´t matter to me, is not one of those digital oversaturaded works that loose their attraction.
Definately a website to spend hours in, specially if you´ve got a nice bottle of Rioja around!

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