Great Noemi Goudal

Noemi Goudal has a degree in Graphic Design from the Central Saint Martins, and an MA in photography from the Royal College of Arts.
Impressive isn´t it?
When I look at her photos I see a magic composition of surrealism. I think the background as a graphic designer is palpable, just as in the previous post the fine art background of Eugenio Recuenco is as well.
I love these kind of work, where you can imagine a whole process that goes beyond just thinking about light and pose. Definately worth to take a look and get some inspiration!

Actually, one of my concerns is that by beeing so focused on photography lately I could start to go in circles....
I should start to look other stuff as well... maybe post some other stuff as well??

Anyway, I love her work. Hope you, my dear readers, too!

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