Incredible technique by Michal Macku

He invented his own, and called it Gellage.
Basically is a paper gel with photographic emulsion that enables to print and transform it afterwards.
Sounds logic but I still have not a clue of how I would do it!
Mostly is all his work is experimental self portraiture. Totally different from any way we have always imagined it.
Quote from his work: "I use the nude human body (mostly my own) in my pictures. Through the photographic process [of Gellage], this concrete human body is compelled to meet with abstract surroundings and distortions. This connection is most exciting for me and helps me to find new levels of humanness in the resulting work..."
More exciting photos and articles in his website.

By the way, as I think and many women also agree, it is very difficult to make a masculine body look aesthetically interesting. Hence, the amount of female nudity amongst almost all photography when it comes to body.
However, this photographer has made his own body look astonishing. (You´re welcome girls!)

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