Latest campaigns of Frank Kayser

Product photography as an art.
I mean art.... yeah, art!
I´m sorry if any fine artist disagrees with me, but just look at the compositions, the managment of light and movement, the colours, the cars, the locations!
These images come from the Kayser´s latest shootings of this year; Mercedes in China, Infinity in Calatrava´s buildings in Spain, and Audi in some random hangar.
A purely commercial photographer, his website has no personal work or whatsoever. He has a very strong and agressive style, and I bet recognizable in any of his shoots.
I cannot even imagine the fees he must ask for every shoot. To be honest I wouldn´t mind shooting cars like this all my life.... one shoot, 4 months of paradise in the caribbean!!! That without counting with all the travelling these shoots involve.
For me, incredible works of art! What do you think?

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