More Daisy!!

Found these from the fourth issue of Paradis Magazine.
After the video I posted a few days ago I am sure you, my dear readers, where craving for more Daisy Lowe.
They where shot by Max Farago, a totally new photographer for me. If you go into his website you will see that most of the images he has are like snapshots from his day a day life....
I have always liked amateur snapshots, where sometimes you find treasures from people that don´t take photography as a vocation. And finding now that this style has moved into the professional industry kind of makes me glad to find sometimes good unpretentious photos around.
Needless to say that that doesn´t mean I like them all, of course.... (I mean, I have my serious doubts about Terry Richardson and Richard Kern, but I really like Juergen Teller. And I wouldn´t exactly be able to explain why)

Enough talking now.... Enjoy Daisy! Beautiful Daisy!

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