Steven Maisel homenage to Kohei Yoshiyuki

Remember a previous post showing Kohei Yoshiyuki´s photos he had done in Tokyo parks in the night during the 70´s? They where voyeur photos of couples and gatherers shot in infrared black and white film... if you my dear reader haven´t seen it, please do click on the link and pay a visit.

Well, I just found these photos by Steven Meisel of a fashion shoot for Vogue Italy in 2008. Funny enough, the images where thought too strong for the audience and where not published. However V Magazine in the US then took the editorial and used it for them.

The influence of Yoshiyuki´s photos in the 70´s is very obvious, but is not one of those that disturb me. Actually I like the idea of having simulated the infrared colour film.
The result is a bit bizarre though.....

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