What a damn good idea!!!!

Jon Rafman, until yesterday a complete unknown person to me, is a very unusual artist that uses internet as his canvas. He programs animation and plays a lot with concepts.... to be honest some of his works are a bit too weird....
However, this exhibition based on photos of the Google Street View is amazing!!! One of those times where I think how much I would have loved to have the idea first, and how much I realize I´m glad someone done it before because I don´t know how I would have achieved it.
It´s an excellent idea, and I´m really intrigued of how he got to collect all this interesting images and also be able to transform them into an exhibition.

Quote: "The images in this book, captured by the roving Google vehicle, depict solitary individuals in a variety

of contemporary landscapes. Despite Walter Benjamin’s argument that photography’s ability to reproduce

strips even the unique of its uniqueness, I chose these images precisely because they assert

their uniqueness and resist categorization. I invite you to consider with me, through these words and

the images themselves, how the artist and photography itself can point a way out of this paradox"

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