Dany Peschl

Does Peschl uses some icons and depicts them in a really bizarre way just for the sake of controversy o is there actually something more to it?
I´m asking from ignorance. Still, have to say they are peculiar images.

Anne Constance Frenoy´s Erotic World

How idilic is this world? I mean, seriously?

Aaron Hobson & Google View

Just like Jon Rafman, Aaron Hobson has created an album based on images taken from Google Street View.
I really wonder how the hell I would be able to explain to my grandmother about a photographer than never got out of his house or office to make an exhibition. And even worse, how nowadays it seems totally normal.....

Zander Olsen

What a bloody good idea!

Guido Mocafico

Mocafico is a superb still life photographer. He is a really well known commercial photographer that works for the highest brands, but also produces a lot of personal work.
These stills come from his personal work website:

You can also see his commercial work in:

Alfredo de Stefano

Contemporary mexican photographer.
His work uses the northern mexican desert as a location for his conceptual instalations.

Pirelli Calendar 2012 by Mario Sorrenti

As always querky and hot, Pirelli Calendar has its new edition!
Lara, Natasha, Kate, Milla, Isabeli, Saskia, Guinevere.....