Thank you Francesca Woodman

One of the very few artist that have really shocked me.
Daughter of artists, she began photography in a really early stage; the first photo in this series I publish was made when she was only 13 years old.
Her self portraiture is by far the most enigmatic I´ve ever seen. A border line between joy and desperation. Celebration of life or silent pain.
With these sexually charged, kinetic portrayals, she showed herself to the world; I guess in a mix between self discovery and honest ego disclosure.

Her work is inevitably linked to her life, given the fact that she killed herself at the age of 22. And, although one could start to see demons in her photos by knowing this fact, apparently they where made before any psychological crisis and with a certain type of joy.
Her creativity was dwindled in the last year of her life, given (apparently) because of a love crisis that actually pushed her into suicide.

I am gladly surprised to know that a movie was recently made in collaboration with her parents ( and that there will be upcoming exhibitions of her work in the UK very soon.

Really looking forward for both.

Taryn Simon

"With a large-format camera and a knack for talking her way into forbidden zones, Taryn Simon photographs portions of the American infrastructure inaccessible to its inhabitants"
That´s how TED describes her amazing work.
From CIA Headquarters to Nuclear Waste Encapsulation Centres, She travelled around the USA to unveil what we cannot even imagine.

Pont Alexandre By Waldemar Hansson

If you look through the Kaleidoscope when dreamy enough, you might see your fantasies mixed with the colours....
Reality or fantasy?
Who cares?! As long as you can preserve the image.....

Underwater by Wayne Levin

If I´m not mistaken, these photos where made with film.... if that´s true: Double bloody merit!!
Not to mention the jealousy........

Real beauty by Yu Tsai

Love them!
The lack of heavy makeup, the pure light, the relaxed poses, the raw beauty of these women....
Thanks Mr. Tsai!

Andy Warhol makes Andy Warhol.

Unmistakable style.
Mr. Warhol was a Polaroid fan, and to be honest, who doesn´t?
I want to have them all printed big and placed around my house.....