Gary Salter

Not so long ago I attended to a lecture where Gary talked about his career and work.
It was a sort of consolation (as a photography student) to hear that when he was starting photography as a professional he was actually really broke, and then little by little he got into where he is know. A consolidated commercial photographer
I like his images, with a particular sense of humour in all of them.

We all love self portaiture (7)

Sexy work by Anna Morosini

Street Fashion by Andrew McPherson

We all love self portaiture (6)

Italian scent by Valeria Cherchi.
Lover her work, with a bit of a dark escence and very intimate.
Worth to take a look at her website where she also has nice fashion images.

Contemporary Daguerrotypes by Chuck Close

Photographer, painter, printmaker and beyond.
His work is product of a meticulous and patient process that can make a photo to last up to two years from concept to final print.
One to keep an eye on!

A Calendar by Bob Wolfenson

Bastard! I mean.... bastard!!
What an envy of a project. Simple in lighting, incredible in content (Featuring: Talytha Pugliesi, Shirley Mallman, Raquel Zimmermann, Mariana Wickert, Marcelle Bittar, Gisele Bundchen, Cintia Dicker, Caroline Trentini, Ana Claudia Michels, Adriana Lima and more....)