Lara Stone by Mario Sorrenti

Model of the year shot by Sorrenti for Japanese Vogue.

Mona Odergard

Nick Scott

I would really like to get to that point where I can come with a childish idea for a big production and people wouldn´t look at me as if i was completely out of my mind.

Dreamy world of Phillips Schumacher

I really like this conceptual work by Schumacher. I cannot but think of fairy tails when I see his images!

Sebastian Copeland

Beautiful landscape photography by Sebastian Copeland.
I cannot but feel a certain envy every time I see a photographer that documents nature in such an amazing way. Ok then, time to travel more!!

Vincent Peters

Lima, Shayk, Vodianova, Kurylenko, Ten Haken, Huntington - Whiteley, Theron, Bastard!!
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