Stop Plagiarism!!!

My friend´s work has been completely ripped off by ASOS Magazine.
Here is the image comparing all the team´s work for Material Girl on December 2011, and the publication by ASOS Magazine on february 2012.
Here are the full credits of the shoot:

Editorial for: Material Girl
Photography : Lucia O'Connor McCarthy
Styling : Coline Bach
Set design : Stephanie Kevers
Make up : Ole Elias Hove
Hair : Adlena Dignam
Models : Layla, Stacy and Belle @ Select Models

Shame On You Mike Byrne

Somehow I find this really wrong.
I mean, the images as such are quite cool. Great light managing, good casting, excellent staging, bla bla bla.
But I don´t think you simply can depict a glamorized idea of war nor soldiers by using them to advertise this women in sleek fashion. I mean, come on, there are even depictions of injured and dead people on them.
War is war, and it has nothing to do with glamour.

Big fail to the Art Director, The Client and The Photographer.

Self advertising.

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